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3805 Harborview Drive
Gig Harbor, WA 98332

(253) 857-9344

Working to Preserve Gig Harbors Historic Working Waterfront this non-profit boatyard located in historic Gig Harbor, Washington is the birthplace of the Thunderbird sailboat.



Consider Volunteering AT THE BOATSHOP

If you would like to work with other people who share your love for boats and the traditions of the working waterfront, become a Gig Harbor BoatShop volunteer!

Gig Harbor BoatShop relies on the hard work and dedication of volunteers. Volunteers contribute to the BoatShop’s mission by maintaining our unique collection of classic boats and by helping to maintain the historic Eddon Boatyard. BoatShop staff members need help with BoatShop program and event preparation, and there’s a need for docents that can share the Eddon Boatyard and Gig Harbor BoatShop story with boatyard visitors.

New volunteers will be asked to attend a Volunteer Orientation. Additional training may be required for specific volunteer assignments. BoatShop volunteers are asked to record a minimum of 2 hours / month. If you’re interested contact: GHB Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteer Opportunities

New! Marine Consignment Store Volunteer

Gig Harbor BoatShop is seeking volunteers to participate in a potential business partnership that could make a meaningful impact on the BoatShop’s ability to provide services to our community and to advance our mission, vision, and purpose.

The BoatShop is exploring partnering with a local business to serve as the non-profit arm of a marine consignment store. The shop is already established and has name recognition in the regional nautical community. Its customers include all types of mariners, from yacht owners to sailors to commercial fisherman to kayakers and more. If a partnership is formed, the BoatShop will provide volunteers to staff the shop. In return, the BoatShop will receive a portion of the shop’s donations and income. This potential new revenue stream could make a positive impact on the financial health of our organization. As with all income the BoatShop earns, including donations, store sales, program fees, and more, this additional revenue would be used to support our mission to perpetuate working waterfront skills, uses, and traditions at the historic Eddon Boatyard and aboard classic vessels of Puget Sound.

We are seeking volunteers who can commit to staffing the marine consignment store. Volunteers must be willing to interact with customers and members of the public. Knowledge of marine “supplies” and provisions is not required, but it’s a plus. You will learn on the job! This role would be a great fit for people who want to make a meaningful contribution to the BoatShop, but may not be interested or available to work on hands-on projects in the Boatyard. Volunteers must commit to a minimum of one half-day per week, although a full day is preferred.

If you are interested in volunteering or learning more, contact the BoatShop at (253) 857-9344 or Remember, if you sign up to volunteer, you have the potential to make a huge and real impact on the BoatShop and those we serve!

Docents / Tour Guides

Docents conduct guided tours of the Eddon Boatyard. They provide a brief history of the Eddon Boatyard and the Gig Harbor BoatShop, offer explanations of our programs, tour the boatyard, and describe our current projects. Docents will be trained and asked to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours per month.  Email Volunteer Coordinator to learn more.

Facility Maintenance Projects

The Eddon Boatyard, a 70-year-old waterfront facility, requires continual attention.  Numerous facility maintenance and upgrade projects are planned or currently underway.  Opportunities exist for those with excellent “handyman” skills, as well as for those with minimal hands-on skills. Email Volunteer Coordinator to learn more.

Boat Restoration / Maintenance

Our existing fleet of restored livery and programming boats requires maintenance.  This is an opportunity to work with our project leaders, our resident Boatwright, and other volunteers to learn and apply boat maintenance skills. Email Volunteer Coordinator to learn more.


Volunteers assist with BoatShop events such as our annual fundraising auction and concerts at the boatyard.  Activities include cleaning, setting up, serving refreshments, and breaking-down after the event is over. Email Volunteer Coordinator to learn more.


We have volunteer opportunities in retail, marketing, fundraising, and other administrative areas.  Email Volunteer Coordinator to learn more.


Call today (253) 857-9344

...or stop by the BoatShop and learn how you can help and be a part of history!